BeaconLockBeaconLock is an app to give you a hands-free experience to open doors.
Your phone is your key – with iBeacon technology.

 Topic: “KillerApps“


Team: Marcel Patsch, Rafael Mäuer.

BeaconLock works with the combination of an app and a device you connect with your door. The BeaconLock device consists of a Raspberry Pi with an WiFi-Dongle and a Bluetooth Low Energy-Dongle. Once connected to your home WiFi and your door-lock BeaconLock is ready to simplify your life!

You need to download the app and connect your smartphone once with BeaconLock to identify yourself as owner of your device. Then all you have to do is keep the app running in background and enable Bluetooth. If you are in a close distance to your door, BeaconLock identifies you as owner and opens the door for you. No more situations where you have to place your shopping bags and search for the keys – BeaconLock handles your handles.

There is also a possibility to give guest-permissions when you are not at home but have the need to let someone in. The control is yours and our multi-encryption-security-concept ensures the safety you need to feel comfortable in your home as before.

Tools & Skills


Raspberry Pi




FDT Powerflasher