iTunesArtworkColumbus is a shopping app for fashion-conscious men.
We turn searching into finding!

Topic: “iMobility“

The app’s task is to guide men who have special clothing standards to their desired piece of clothing in the fastest and most comfortable way. To reach this goal Columbus combines the benefits of online and offline shopping with help of a smartphone app.

h_da – Digital Media – Interactive Media Design – Media Project 3 – WS 2013/2014.
Team: Rafael Mäuer, Alexander Oemisch, Liam Fuchs, Kevin Lehmann.

We want to offer the customers an experience without the need to take oneself much time for shopping, but do it along the way without any frustration.

We will build a system which gives the customers directly access to their favourite clothes. The simplification of the shopping process is significant.

With the aid of modern smartphones we deliver a reasonable selection and a clear overview to the customers offering the possibility to find precisely what they are looking for. Additionaly the customers have the choice on which way they will get the clothes, what enables a great flexibility in the preferred purchase behavior.

Tools & Skills


iOS Developer




Appcelerator Titanium