Logo v03Juno is an audio-visual product for couples living in a long-distance-relationship.
We strike the distance out of a long distance relationship.

Topic: „Internet of Things

Juno makes long distance relationships all over the world more positive and more sustainable. By providing a bridge between separate love partners created by connected devices, Juno transports presence, bond and emotions in a subtle but touching way.

h_da – Digital Media – Interactive Media Design – Media Project 4 – SoSe2014.
Team BEARDS: Claudio Giovaniello, Felix Gillmann, Rafael Mäuer, Sven Szota.


3D Rendering

02.3 Juno Leuchten Dunkel


Moodboard 01_2Product

Moodboard 3 - FeelingFeeling

Moodboard 4 - MaterialMaterial

Hardware Concept

Explosionszeichnung v05


Tools & Skills


Raspberry Pi



Cinema 4D_rund

Cinema 4D