Porsche Kinetic Wall

Porsche Kinetic WallPorsche Kinetic Wall - Sensory Minds The "Porsche Kinetic Wall" reflects the clear-cut architecture of the Porsche museum and turns it into movement. For this, the recurring architectural theme of the diamond is projected onto the media wall (measuring 10 meters in width) to create an appealing texture. Behind that texture pictures taken [...]


metaSpacemetaSpace - Media Project 6 metaSpace is a concept of an ambient intelligent system that uses audio-visual channels to break the given rules of spacial perception. The experiment is about an innovative idea to handle the problem of scarcity in living spaces and to deal with the topic of ambient intelligent environments. It is an [...]


SimuLightSimuLight - Media Project 2 SimuLight is an interactive simulation that explains the complex physical characteristics of light in a simple and playful way. The installation helps to create interest for the physical characteristics of light. It promotes the perception of the environment, the surroundings and the natural conditions. People think more about physical aspects [...]


BubbliciousBubblicious - Arduino Elective Bubblicious is an interactive installation which reacts to movements of people. It produces bubbles according to the detected movements by the person in front of it. The movements are captured with a webcam and interpreted with a software written in processing. Processing transmits the data to an Arduino which enables the [...]