SWR2 App

SWR2 AppSWR2 App - SWR Audio Lab The SWR2 App was originally developed for SWR by Ninja Concept in 2018 using React Native and Expo. After the project was idling for around 2 years, it was revived by SWR Audio Lab in 2020 using bare React Native. Due to technical progress in the meantime, the [...]

Fast Order Button

Fast Order ButtonFast Order Button - Sensory Minds The idea was to provide an IoT device to retailers that would allow them to order products swiftly and without having to log in to any order platform or even use outdated technology (fax, phone, print). The delivery method/logistic solution for the "Digital Trigger Device" was by [...]

Porsche Kinetic Wall

Porsche Kinetic WallPorsche Kinetic Wall - Sensory Minds The "Porsche Kinetic Wall" reflects the clear-cut architecture of the Porsche museum and turns it into movement. For this, the recurring architectural theme of the diamond is projected onto the media wall (measuring 10 meters in width) to create an appealing texture. Behind that texture pictures taken [...]