Porsche Kinetic Wall

Porsche Kinetic Wall - Sensory Minds

The „Porsche Kinetic Wall“ reflects the clear-cut architecture of the Porsche museum and turns it into movement. For this, the recurring architectural theme of the diamond is projected onto the media wall (measuring 10 meters in width) to create an appealing texture. Behind that texture pictures taken during the 100 years of Porsche company history are ready to be explored by the user.

The contents are revealed to the visitor as soon as he approaches the wall and the diamond texture dissolves. The built-in sensor technology reacts to the position, movements, orientation and pace of the user and was specifically constructed together with Fraunhofer Institut.

The effect of the wall’s behaviour is that of creating interesting relationships: between visitor and technology, between history and the future. By the wall virtually making a step towards the user in adapting to his or her behaviour all inhibitions to interact with the wall are swiftly overcome.