UNIT3 - Bachelor Thesis

The Bachelorthesis covers the conception and prototypical realisation of a technology sustained Pervasive Game, called UNIT3 and is based on preceded research about computer games in virtual and physical environments.

The concluding result of the research is the theory that virtual environments limit the capabilities of play in games and therefore the players’ freedom of inter- action.The theory further says that physical environments can be considered as spaces for play and are able to create even more immersion with the use of technology.Therefore, UNIT3 is a game, conceived to substantiate the theory and further develop the emergent, but already popular idea of computer games expanding into the real world with the help of physical objects.

In UNIT3 fiction and reality is blurred into a single story by delivering story elements with a transmedial approach.Thus the world becomes a setting for a conflict between two opposing groups on their mis- sion to uncover the mystery of intelligent life forms emerging in digital networks.The players become undercover researchers on a mission to find the digital life form with special devices.

Download the Research Project as PDF.
Download the Bachelor Thesis as PDF.

h_da, IMD